Enwise: Talent Selection, Employee Training and Enterprise Stability are the Basis of Scale Development

Enwise Education Group, which has been recruiting heavily recently, has developed its own way in terms of talent recruitment and training.

This year, the epidemic has hit many enterprises. Offline educational institutions are deeply influenced. However, Enwsie Education Group did not stop recruiting during the epidemic period. A number of excellent talents have been invited in the online interview.

Enwise has set up new stores in Beijing, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and other cities. It continues recruiting young talents and promoting the process of large-scale development, and receives attention from education job seekers.

Enwise leads the trend of recruitment to promote large-scale development from the talent selection, staff training and enterprise stability aspects.

In addition to the basic skill requirements, Enwise also adds “caring” to the selection standard. In the recruitment stage, Enwise pays attention to two indicators: one is caring about kids, the other one is the love of learning.

For the cultivation of employees, Enwise also sets aside professional training and management livelihood as a way for employees to get promoted. Enwise has a set of new staff orientation and a complete teacher training system.

The third element that CEO Steven has mentioned is the enterprise’s stability. Enterprise’s stability is very important for employees to decide to join a team. Enwise is an enterprise with stability, which attracts young talents to work together as Enwiser.