Enwise Celebrated the Second Brand Day and Started to Selected Golden Medal Teachers

Enwise Brand Day was held in June. The theme of the ceremony was Happy to Grow. The online opening courses were provided for parents and kids through the country. There were 6 centers in 3 cities joining the ceremony and celebrated for 12 hours together. Meanwhile, Enwise Education Group started to select teachers to join the Sina Golden Medal Teacher Contest. 

Enwise Education has created many high-quality and unique online contents to attract many parents and kids for a long time. During the special quarantine period, Enwise online contents provided users great using experience and built the confidence to make more efforts on online services and contents which was based on Enwise OMO deployment. 

Enwise Education Group pays great attention to helping teachers to become better educators. It is a good opportunity for teachers to improve through joining the Sina Golden Medal Contest. This year, Enwise also supported teachers from professionally guiding their works to widely broadcasting the contest.