Seven Measures for the Epidemic Period

Affected by GOVID-19, the whole world takes measures to survive the epidemic situation. Enwise Education Group actively responds to the national call and implies seven measures to face the situation.

Firstly, Enwise established an epidemic prevention and control team to protect employees, parents and kids against virus.

Secondly, Enwise provided IP online-videos for parents and kids around the country to enrich education experience at home. 

Thirdly, Enwise provided the one-to-one online course for individual family which includes Music Interaction, Picture Stories, Art Experience, Science Experiment, Sports at home and sharing parenting topics. 

Fourthly, Enwise provides free online videos, which include many familiar programs, such as Enwise Music, Talk with Mrs Fu and Hello, Storybooks, for members and also for non-member families.

Fifthly, employees of Enwise created many interesting videos. They taught children how to protect themselves by washing hands and wearing facial masks. They also made good wishes to doctors and nurses.

Sixthly, Enwise call for family and center working together. Teachers help parents to keep kids good living and studying habits through signing punch card online every day. 

Finally, Enwise cleaned the center and sterilized equipment and toys to provide the healthy environment as preparation.