Enwise Focuses on Life Education

In family education, independence is the important ability that 0-4 years old children need to develop. How do parents help babies learn to be independent? The educator from Enwise is interviewed, he thinks kids can learn from life. The ability to solve problems also comes from life. Life is education.

Enwise LETS House emphasizes the environment and the experience of life, and believes that life itself is one of the best teachers.

Enwise advocates the "child-centered" approach, which starts from the child's growth needs in the family and social environment.

According to Enwise education philosophy, it is important to let children aged 0-4 years old learn to be independent. Independence includes the ability to think independently, take care of oneself independently and solve problems independently.

Enwise selects toys, prepares environment, provides parental guidance and other aspects to cultivate the independence of the baby.

In 2017, first Enwise LETS House opened in Beijing. In 2018, Enwise LETS House opened in Chongqing and Chengdu. Later, it will open in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and many other cities.