Enwise Recruitment is in Full Swing

9th January 2019, the famous recruitment platform, Boss Zhipin holds the ceremony in Beijing. The CEO of Enwise is rewarded as Talents Valuer in this ceremony. This award is not only gained by Mr. Shang’s constant hard-working in recruiting, it also represents the efforts made by HR team of Enwise.

The topic of this ceremony focuses on the new means of recruitment. At present, young Chinese talents are longing for proper jobs. Meanwhile, thousands of companies in Chinese market are thirsty of talents. However, the talent market in China experiences constant changing because of the development of social communication of work place. Right now, not only HR, but also people in the management team devote into recruitment to crave for talents. 

At the very beginning, Enwise sticks to an effective but honest recruitment strategy, which enables Enwise to be an attractive company for talents. The award from Boss Zhipin is a recognition of Enwise recruitment plan. Enwise will try its best to retain the impartial but passionate attitude towards talents. 

Enwise hopes that all talents could find their places to achieve their individual value. That is also why Enwise sets a series of HR recruitment measurement for job hunters. Enwise would like to let every job hunter find the job that suits him or her.

In 2018, there are 107 excellent Enwise staff. Most of them has a relevantly high education background. Enwise provides competitive working environment and flat management system for its staff. Enwise hopes that staff will enjoy the relaxing environment here. 

Enwise thinks highly of campus recruitment. The branding IP of Enwise, Lucas Family, is popular among younger generation. Enwise hopes that young talents will be interested in it and understand the brand and eventually add intention of joining Enwise.

Enwise will evaluate its staff to provide each of them a suitable position in the company. The CEO and management team will take part in the recruitment process to give advice to the talent and make a detailed career plan for the talent. A thorough induction training will help newbies to get familiar with the company and get his or her hands on the job.

In the future, Enwise will make more efforts to attract talents worldwide. Enwise values the cooperation with online and offline recruiting platforms. More Enwisers will find their stage to show their value.