Enwise Wins Tencent Education Prize: Chinese Parents’ Choice of Child Education Organization

October 27th, Echo of China, the award ceremony initiated by Tencent News and Tencent Education held in Beijing. Thousands of professional educators, delegations of educational organizations, and celebrities gathered at the ceremony discussing the present issue and possible development of Chinese education industry. 

Senior Vice President of Enwise Education Group, Felicity Fu, attended the ceremony on behalf of Enwise to accept the prize, and received an interview from Tencent news.

Several month ago, a vote for Chinese Parents’ Choice of Child Education Organization was witnessed by international online users, and Enwise Education Group won the prize. 

Enwise is proud of this award for it represents the good comments and a true recognition among Chinese parents. Enwise would like to express true gratitude to those who support it.

“Enwise will continually provide high-quality early education service for its clients, parents and babies who choosing our services.” Ms. Fu told the reporter during the interview. She also states that Enwise will open more Enwise LETS House in China aiming to bring its educational philosophy to more families with babies and toddlers, and she hopes that more Chinese families will enjoy happy and relaxing parenting experience with help of Enwise LETS House.