Enwise Receives the 2018 Award for Popular Brand of Child-related Educational Organization

November 28th, 2018, Sina Education Chinese Education Annual Celebration was opened in Beijing. As one of the well-known educational celebrations in China, the theme of the 2018 educational celebration is share and fuse. Education related organizations were invited to the celebration. Professional educators, celebrities, philanthropists shared opinions and views about creativity and fusion of education in China. Votes for Popular Brand of Child-Related Educational Organization had been held month before the celebration. Enwise Education Group finally won the prize. Therefore, Ms. Fu Yu, Senior Vice President of Enwise Education Group, was invited to the celebration and received an interview from Sine Education.

At present, more parents see the importance of early education for their babies and toddlers. Parents, especially young parents, prefer fine educational services. Therefore, Enwise takes serious of the market trends of early education. Base on the needs of parents and the market, Enwise devotes more energy and recourses to guarantee the quality of educational services which it provides. And Enwise sincerely hopes that more Chinese parents and their kids will benefit form early education experience. 

In 2018, Enwise managed to make countless progress. Among the progresses, Enwise LETS House direct managed by Enwise, created good reputation in parents. Ms. Fu says that Enwise will stick to direct management mode in the future. Enwise takes advise and suggestions from members and staffs seriously, and managed to optimize the facility and services of Enwise LETS House.

Ms. Fu would also like to thank media and friends who witness the growth of Enwise Education Group. And she believes that the award can motivate the future development of Enwsie. Enwise would like to provide its fine services, and brings its child-centered philosophy to more families.