Beijing Enwise LETS House Celebrates Its First Anniversary

October 22nd is the first anniversary of Beijing Enwise LETS House. Enwise VIB (Very Important Babies) member families attend the anniversary event. Members and staff reviewed the growth of Beijing Enwise LETS House. 

In this beautiful fall, Enwise launched a series of fun family events to celebrate the anniversary. The family events are themed with both traditional Chinses festivals and foreign festivals. Rich varieties of family events bring cultural knowledge and laughter to VIB families.

Parents who attend the events gladly say that activities provided by Enwise are different from traditional class-based activities. Parents and the kids are able to immerse in the activities and enjoy happy family-time together. High-quality facilities and Enwsie educational philosophy can support VIB families with a variety of themed games and fun growth time.

Enwise would like to bring its ENWISE philosophy to more families with babies and toddlers, hoping that the young parents would understand their kids and know themselves better with Enwise’s help. Enwise will keep developing the direct management pattern, refining the teaching and service system, so as to provide practical childrearing solutions to parents.

Chongqing Enwise LETS House and Chengdu Enwsie LETS House respectively opened in June and July, 2018. It suggests that Enwise has been developing with a steady pace. It will cherish the constant changing of the market, but also stick to its philosophy, providing more family with high-quality experience.