Have you been bothered with feeding?

Has your baby eaten with playing?

Have you missed the old days before you have children?

Most new parents find it hard to solve all the problems.

At Enwise, we solve those problems through "child-centered" parenting; an approach that begins with the child's needs.

At Enwise, every family can:

Experience Life Approach education courses

Prepare an appropriate environment for newborns

Gain support for infant development

Achieve a balance between working and nurturing

LETS Features

Enwise LETS House provides an all-round growth experience for infants and toddlers from 0 to 4,
which includes courses, daycare, birthday parties, family activities, and other integrated services.

Lucas Family

Welcome to Enwise LETS House,we are Lucas Family. We are glad to grow up with you.


I am Luna, the younger sister. I can't speak yet. I like to follow and play with my brother because he really takes cares of me. I invite you to Enwise Daycare.


Hi. I'm Lucas. I am a deer from North America. Good at running and jumping, I am lively and active. My favorite color is blue, the very happy blue. Do you feel it? I am the spokesperson of Enwise LETS House.


I am the best chef, Dad Louis. I can cook Chinese food and western food. I love reading books for my kids. Welcome to Louis' Kitchen at Enwise.


I am Lucy, Lucas' mother. Having been pregnant again, I was in low mood. Fortunately, my family accompanies me to fly kites in spring, to splash with puddles in rain, to harvest fruit in autumn and to go skiing in winter. Nature makes me enjoy my life, so I speak for Lucy's Garden course.


I'm Biu Biu, I have round head, round eyes, round body and round hands. I am the spokesperson for Gym Exploration class. I can't run as far as Lucas, but I can climb higher than him.


I am aunt Ruby, a designer. I always go shopping and visit museum with Lucy. I am the Art Experience teacher at Enwise and enjoy drawing, paper cutting, and weaving.


I'm QiuQiu, a little squirrel. I am the spokesman for Music Interaction. Everyone praises my singing. I like to dance with songs. I often hide some pinecones in my pocket and share them.