Enwise LETS House Beijing Riverside

address:No.101, Block. 202, West Garden, Riverside, East 3rd Ring Road., Chaoyang District, Beijing

Enwise LETS House Beijing Riverside is located in the upscale community of  Riverside. With beautiful surroundings and complete supporting facilities, Enwise LETS House Beijing Riverside has two floors, covering an area of thousands of square meters. As an excellent and warm community center, Enwise LETS House is surrounded by Art Avenue, Art Gallery and other cultural venues, which provides parents and children with more options for relaxation, culture and entertainment . Here, parents and children would enjoy themselves, develop themselves and build themselves.

 The first floor is the Entopia city, which is designed to the VIB for play and fun. And the Entopia city includes so many functions such as playing, relaxation, reading and so on. The second floor is the spacious and bright Enwise classrooms where the facilities are complete, providing better service and the excellent teaching experience for the parent-child classes. 

The design of Enwise LETS House follows the idea of "High-Level Restraint". From the perspectives of children, we hold the idea that the environment for kids should be "simple” and natural" , which can help to build the kids` personality that is full of "enlightenment and exploration". With the premise of safety, the facilities in Enwise LETS House insist on putting kids’ experience on the most outstanding position. For this purpose, we specially design double handrails, "Parent-Child bathroom" , "holding mirror" and other facilities. We hope that children here will not only be nursed, but also get happiness and growth.

As Enwise's first center, Enwise LETS House Beijing Riverside has hundreds of VIB  members now. We regularly organize various activities for VIB families, such as "Water Carnival", "Little Prince and Roses" , "Enwise New Year Celebration" and other Parties which are popular with the children and parents.

AddNo.101, Block. 202, West Garden, Riverside, East 3rd Ring Road., Chaoyang District, Beijing

TEL: 86010-8620-3681